Hello from 2142! We‘ve reached into the future to bring you select pieces from BOERWAVES: a music festival / multi-dimensional experience located along the outskirts of our galaxy and set against a breathtaking view of the great expanse of space. The entire month, we‘ll have regular dispatches of shirts, jackets, hats, and more from the concert itself and the many featured artists. Never heard of them? They probably don‘t exist yet. Keep your eyes peeled.


UPDATE 2.024: check out all new styles from your favorite BOERWAVES artists in our ENCORE COLLECTION

The year was 2142…

In the ephemeral tapestry of cosmic grandeur, where celestial bodies pirouetted across the vast expanse, a sublime symphony of harmonies orchestrated the dance of the universe. Within the ethereal confines of space’s celestial embrace, a cosmic ballet ensued, choreographed by the divine hand of cosmic majesty.

As stardust cascaded like luminescent confetti, traversing interstellar realms, it interwove with the melodic vibrations of the cosmic orchestra. The very fabric of space trembled, resonating with the celestial frequencies that transcended mortal comprehension. In that cosmic soundscape, the symphony of existence unfurled, where the glimmering stars served as the luminary conductors, and the blackness of space was but a silent canvas awaiting the brushstrokes of ethereal melodies.

When we surrendered to the cosmic rhythm, we were transported beyond the confines of earthly existence. We became celestial voyagers, traversing the cosmic orchestra, our souls entwined in the cosmic dance. We found solace in the realization that, like the stars adorning the night sky, our individual melodies, no matter how distinct, coalesced in a celestial unison, a transcendent resonance that reverberated throughout the cosmos.

Welcome to BOERWAVES.


Week One

Kirkwood The Great

Emerging from the depths of underground hip hop with a cult following, Kirkwood the Great presents “Kirkland,” an album that defies conventions and captivates with its raw lyricism and ethereal sonic tapestry. With a distinct style that has earned him a devoted fanbase, this enigmatic artist delivers a thought-provoking manifesto, intertwining intricate wordplay and evocative storytelling, while immersing listeners in a haunting soundscape meticulously crafted in collaboration with underground producers.

St. Jane the Jovial

With their debut album “Stardust Serenade,” the enigmatic indie rock ensemble St. Jane the Jovial delivers a cosmic sonic voyage that captivates with its ethereal melodies and introspective lyricism. Seamlessly blending elements of dream pop, post-rock, and shoegaze, this emerging collective establishes a celestial atmosphere that envelops listeners in a haze of shimmering guitars and lush textures.

Week Two

Stockton Bond

In his highly anticipated album, Stockton Bond takes listeners on a sonic odyssey, exploring the complexities of his experiences and the pulse of the world around him. With a seamless fusion of trap-infused beats, soulful melodies, and infectious hooks, his music possesses an undeniable energy that resonates with fans across the globe.


Rosemarus’s introspective lyricism, poetic and deeply personal, invites us to explore the depths of our emotions and navigate the complexities of the human experience. Their haunting vocals float over layers of atmospheric instrumentation, creating a dreamscape that is both melancholic and uplifting, introspective and empowering.

Week Three


STRFSH’s attention to detail is evident in the intricate layers of their production. From glitchy, intricately chopped samples to deep, resonating basslines, every sonic element finds its place within the larger sonic mosaic. Their sonic wizardry creates an otherworldly atmosphere that envelops the listener and transports them to uncharted realms.

Intricate Machines

Drawing inspiration from a wide spectrum of influences, Intricate Machines masterfully blend elements of art rock, post-punk, and experimental pop to create a sound that is uniquely their own. With every track, they display an impressive command of their instruments, effortlessly intertwining complex guitar patterns, hypnotic basslines, and dynamic drumming to build a sonic framework that is both dynamic and captivating.

Week Four